I am not afraid of the rain

I am not afraid of the rain.
I am not afraid to feel and step in.
I will step in to feel its presence, it will know of my existence.
I am not afraid of the droplets, the showers and the downpours.

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This is the second time I will be nominated for the Vincent Ehindero Award… whoop whoop!💃🏼. I am happy about this and I am grateful for the initiation of blogger awards because I believe it helps me connect with more people, helps with recognition and just generally makes the WordPress space a better place. I am excited about how I get to meet amazing people here🤩! If you want to see my first award, you can read it here.


My First Blogger Award Nomination!

Hey friends,

So I recently got nominated for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger award by Ria’s Haven. Ria got her first bloggers award by Vincent Ehindero and then nominated me for the same award. Isn’t this amazing?☺ Firstly, I’ll like to say thank you to Ria for nominating me and also state that Ria has such an amazing blog where she talks about living, love and travel adventures in an interesting and relatable manner. She deserved this award. Check out her blog here. I also say a big thank you to Vincent Ehindero who created this award.

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How to deal with Negative Thoughts

Has anyone ever gone through a difficult period in life and all you could think of was how bad your life is? Or maybe you haven’t gone through difficult times but you sometimes find yourself swimming in a pool of negative thoughts, or you probably you just tend to focus on negative thoughts, comments, and news more than the positive. You are not alone as this happens to us all every now and then. Our minds have the tendency to focus more on negative occurrences and this is called a Negativity Bias.

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Does the statement “Mind your Mind” sound puzzling? Or are you like me who finds it interesting? Some people might have probably come across talks on “The Importance of Minding your business”, which similarly explains what it means to ‘Mind your Mind’. I choose the latter over the former because it seems to be a more soothing expression with a fitting pun effect which is fun!😅 I mean, I will rather tell you to ‘Mind your Mind’ and keep you pondering, than tell you to ‘Mind your Business’ and likely raise your defences.

Okay, that was just on a lighter note, let’s talk about the mind.